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Our main focus is promoting the welfare & well being of the Elderly Citizens with various programs cutting across all age groups to ensure healthy living in old age.


Background and History

Caring Hands International is a non-governmental, non- partisan and non- tribal Organization registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission on 9th March 2004 Registration number RC16,581. Caring Hands International was formally inaugurated on the 8th of January 2006 with 12 members in attendance. CHI is a community based organization which over years extended its coverage area to all the Senatorial districts of Osun State.

At the inception Caring Hands International started with programs targeted towards the welfare and care of the elderly citizens because of the neglect and marginalization they experience within their families, in the community and from the government. The main goal of the Organization then was to provide professional care, advice and support for the elderly citizens thereby ensuring healthy living.

To create awareness in the care and welfare of the elderly citizens the Organization had its first Stakeholder’s Workshop tagged ‘‘Promoting the Welfare of the Elderly people” in November 16th 2006. Reputable Academicians from higher schools of learning such as University of Ibadan, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso and NIZER delivered lectures on burning issues on the plight of the elderly citizens, care and support.

Since the inauguration of CHI, we have embarked on series of activities to promote the quality of life of our elderly people. Talks on various topics covering health, poverty alleviation, social life and legal issues are been given and still continues. Annual programs such as free eye test and treatment in collaboration with ECWA Community Health Program Jos, Nigeria for early discovery of any eye defect and necessary treatment, Hepatitis B Virus screening /immunization and Ear, Nose and Throat. Regular monthly medical examinations such as checking of blood pressure, urine testing and weighing are carried out.

Also we have an exercise program which is tagged Walk for Life which comes up 1st Saturday of the month. Home visits and care giving is also a program run by the Organization. We make arrangement for referral services for those who require medical attention. As at now CHI has more than 700 people on its register. CHI has since expanded its programs to include the youths and active adults especially women in the area of prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases, sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS and economic empowerment programs because activities engaged in during youthful and adulthood has a link to our health status and lifestyle in old age.

When we started our journey in 2006, little did we know how far we would go But we started with a single minded goal to touch and improve as many lives as possible along our way. The Senior Citizens became our target Audience  Looking at the neglect, marginalization, loneliness and poverty level. We thought that ensuring and caring for their welfare and wellbeing could solve the problems of old age.

Programs were put in place to ensure adequate care and wellbeing of the Senior Citizens. But along the way we discovered waiting to care for people at old age was not enough  Not putting into consideration what they passed through when they were young, Which has a cumulative effect on them in old age?

We realized that,  For people to live a healthy life and enjoy their old age People in the lower age group, children, youths and adults have to be catered for Empowering them to live a healthy lifestyle and building their capacity to become self-reliant  Preparing them for a beautiful old age.

Today, while ensuring the care and welfare of the elderly citizens, Remains the center of our journey
We have expanded our horizon to include the adults, youths and children,because the wellbeing of the elderly cannot be isolated from theirs

Children, Youths and adult programs have been incorporated, To have a life free of diseases, hazards and poverty. To be self-reliant by empowering them economically. To have a right to the quality of life they deserve
This is a prerequisite for healthy lifestyle in old age. Thereby improving other people's lives...

Society where vulnerable and disadvantaged people – elderly, youth, women and children – have a right to sustainable living and children have an undeniable right to survive.

Promoting the principle of caring for one another’s wellbeing through prevention of diseases, promoting health, socio-economic development and status of vulnerable and disadvantaged persons in their respective community settings within the context of sustainable human development.   


Improve the wellbeing of people and reduce morbidity and mortality among vulnerable and disadvantaged adults, children and youths.

  • Have a society free of HIV by intensifying activities towards educating the populace on prevention, care and support especially among the youths.
  • Empower youths and women through skill acquisition and vocational trainings to reduce unemployment menace among them.
  • Advocate for the rights of the elderly people and championing these rights
  • Advocate for the rights of the girl child especially on eradication of female genital mutilation (FGM), child labor and girl child education.
  • Advocate for the rights of women in the aspect of gender discrimination and empowering them economically through trainings and learning of different vocations.
  • Empowering women to improve their political participation

Mrs. Tola Obilomo JP- Executive Director
Board of Advisor

Chief Olajide Oyewole
Dr. Alfred Segun Dogunro, FWACP
Engr. (Pastor) Ayo Obilomo, JP, FNSE
Dr. Shadrach O. Ijagbemi, MBBS
Engr. (Elder) Ayorinde Aina, MNSE

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